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This news and alerts site was initially designed to allow members of the Berry College community to independently verify the validity of an email, announcement, or event. Its use has been expanded to include a monthly newsletter, a quick info section, an FAQ page (under construction) , and a calendar to announce upcoming Information Security events. Every October, it also hosts weekly articles in conjunction with Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Information Security’s goal is to update the site as quickly as possible whenever an email scam or other suspicious event affects the campus community. When possible, it will also announce in advance any potentially suspicious emails or events. Here are the basic types of entries found on the site.

Items which warn the community of potential issues are marked with a red circle with an “X”, like this

Items that confirm the validity of emails or events are marked with a green circle with a check-mark, as shown here

Third-party data breaches are announced on the site based on community impact. They are designated with an icon that looks like a computer monitor on fire

Informational articles are generally published when a topic has captured the attention of the community or is deemed to be urgent in nature. This also includes monthly newsletters. They are marked with a yellow circle with “FYI” on it

During October, there will be weekly articles posted on information security awareness topics and they will all be marked with the following icon

Be sure to check the Events Calendar to see upcoming events, including training, Lunch-ITS, tables in Krannert, and events related to Cybersecurity Awareness Month (October of every year).

Navigating The Site

By default the posts below are the most recent posts to the site, but you can filter using the category and tags to list specific types of posts. You can also find a post based on when it was published using the archive box on the right side of the page. The Category drop-down box on the right will take you to a page of just those types of posts. The site is also searchable by title, topic, type of article, and type of suspicious activity or email. The search box is also on the right side near the top.

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