National Cyber Security Awareness Month Information

Berry College annually participates in National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). Each year a selection of topics is chosen to emphasize to the community the importance of cyber security awareness. Each week of October a different topic is highlighted through emails, social media posts, articles, posters, and face to face activities. The primary goal is to help the community understand that security is a shared responsibility. Everyone must contribute for the college to be as secure as possible.

Article Archive

Below are links to the previous years’ articles. On each page you will find all the weekly articles published in connection with NCSAM for that year. Just click on a link to go to that year. Realize that some of the articles may reference events that are in the past. Some articles may reference security advice that has been deprecated. If so, the article will be flagged with an update that will point to current and more accurate information.

CAM 2020

NCSAM 2019

NCSAM 2018

NCSAM 2017

NCSAM 2016

NCSAM 2015

NCSAM 2014


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