Password Managers – Quick Info

Password managers are invaluable for maintaining even a small collection of passwords and other sensitive information – here’s some quick info about them

  • Require you to remember only one (really good) password/passphrase to access all your other accounts
  • Can be used on desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets
  • Can help create strong passwords for all your accounts
  • Can store other important and sensitive information (prescription numbers, account numbers, etc.)
  • Can speed up the process of authenticating to your various accounts (auto-fill)
  • Don’t trust them? Try “salting” your passwords by adding a word only you know to the beginning or end of your passwords (or even in the middle). Don’t store this word in the password manager, simply type it in manually after you have copied and pasted the password from the manager.
  • Come in both free and paid varieties – Check out this article from listing what they consider the five best options. They also give some expanded information on general use of password managers. You can also check out this flyer with a small assortment of available programs (you can use your browser’s save or print  functions once the flyer is displayed).

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