“Employee Performance Appraisial” Emails are Fraudulent

Many users have received emails with “shared files” and subjects that read “Employee Performance Appraisial”. These are fraudulent and the links in them point to potentially malicious documents posted on Google Docs.

The content of the email is posted below:

*******************Begin email text

Good Day,


You have a file shared tagged “Employee Performance  Appraisial ” sent from Dr Thomas H. Copeland. Please review the document asap.


******************End email text

Below this poorly worded text is a “View Document”. Do not click this! This leads to the potentially malicious document. There is a “Thanks” from “Dr. Thomas H. Copeland” after the button.

A similar email, also pointing to malicious documents on Google Docs has the subject “Employee Audits”. The text of this email is below:

********************Begin email text

Good Day,

Dr. Thomas H. Copeland has sent you an encrypted document via Microsoft SharePoint tagged ” Employee Audit “.

********************End email text

There is a “View Document” button below this text and a request for feedback from the same “Dr. Thomas H. Copeland”. Again, do not click this button!

Please report these emails using the “Report Email as Phishing” button.

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