“Part-Time Opportunity” Email is Fraudulent

An email, which you may have been received from a fellow Berry student, purports to offer a “Job that will not affect you present employment or studies, fun and rewarding” which pays $300 weekly. This email is fraudulent and an attempt to trick you into helping launder money, which will definitely affect your life. The full text of one of these emails (there were a few varieties circulating during the summer) is shown below. Do not click the link or fill out the application. Especially do not attempt to deposit any check you receive. If you are unwittingly already involved with this scam, do not respond to further communication from the perpetrators. Keep a close watch on your bank account, credit card statements, and your credit score. If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact Dan Boyd, Director of Information Security, at 706-236-1750 or infosec@berry.edu.

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