“Outlook Warning” Email is Fraudulent

Information Security has received reports of phishing emails that try to convince the user they can no longer sign in to their email, and consequently cannot send or receive emails. An example is shown below. Note the poor spacing, grammar and capitalization in the first two lines of the body. The sender address may vary from what is shown, but will not be from Microsoft or Office365. The “Update To Stay Active” button uses a valid capability (web address redirection) on a valid website (LinkedIn in this example) to send the user to a fraudulent website (0793.to), which may attempt to install malware or simply steal the user’s username and password. Please report these emails using the “Report Email As Phishing” button in the email client, if using Outlook or the web version of Outlook.


If you have any questions about these emails, please reply to this email, or if you have clicked this link and entered your username and password, immediately change your password, then contact the Technical Support Desk and report the incident.

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