Post V-Day Scavenger Hunt Stage 2

Welcome to stage 2 of the Berry College Post V-Day 2021 Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

Remember – you only have to participate once to be eligible for the drawing for the “runner-up” prizes being held at noon on Friday!

To participate, simply find and fill in the answers to the questions below and submit the form. Your entry will be registered, you’ll get an email confirming your entry reminding you of your answers and explaining how to get to the next stage of the hunt.

    OK, here are the questions for stage 2 of the hunt!

    The InfoSec News and Alerts site has on its main menu an entry labeled CAM (Cybersecurity Awareness Month). This annual event, which occurs every October, in countries all over the world, was renamed in 2020 due to international participation in the event. What was its former name? ____________ _______-____________ ___________ _________. What acronym was used to shorten this name? _____

    Berry College has participated in Cybersecurity Awareness Month, formerly known as National Cyber Security Awareness Month since 2014. The InfoSec News and Alerts site has an archive of all articles posted during Cybersecurity Awareness Month each year. How many articles were posted in 2017? Please answer with a number:

    The Have I Been Pwned website you visited in the last set of questions is run by Troy Hunt, a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for Developer Security. He doesn't work for Microsoft, but they recognize his contributions to the security community with these titles. He has his own website where he does a weekly update, posts his upcoming speaking engagements, and has other information, generally about him, available. In what country does Troy live?

    The Berry College Office of Information Technology (OIT) is also actively encouraging the community to adopt a password manager and use it to manage all of their various accounts. Password managers enable users to use long, hard to crack, and unique passwords for every account they have. In an article on the website Make Use Of ( titled "The Best Password Managers for Every Occasion" in the section about "Other ways to secure your accounts" what is the first option mentioned?

    Featured Image: Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

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