CAM 2020

It’s October, 2020 and that means it is officially Cybersecurity Awareness Month. You may have previously known this month as Nation Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), but as it is now celebrated internationally, and the decision was made to use “cybersecurity” as one word (as it should be), it is now known as CAM!

The overall theme this year is “Do Your Part, #BeCyber Smart”. The Berry OIT social media accounts will be posting using this tag all month. Sometimes just to remind you to read the weekly articles, but sometimes to provide clues for the Virtual Scavenger Hunt. Keep reading for more on that.

Celebrating CAM will be a little different from previous years, as there will be no tables in Krannert where Information Security hands out candy, information, and tickets to win prizes. This year, we’re all virtual, but we’ll still be engaging with you in some way each week of October, starting on October 5th.

There will still be weekly articles posted every Monday, each one taking on two topics, one, the suggested topic of the week from CAM and the other one focused locally.  There will be security awareness posters in the residence halls and in Krannert. There may be a video or two, and there will still be prizes! One prize each week and a grand prize at the end of the month.

To be eligible for the any of the weekly prizes, you must participate in the Virtual Scavenger Hunt during that week. To be eligible for the grand prize, a pair of Monster Isport Ear Buds Monster Clarity 102 AirLinks Wireless Ear Buds, you must complete the hunt successfully. More information is available on the Virtual Scavenger Hunt page.

There will be very little math required, and all the answers will be easy to find during the first couple of weeks, and get a little harder the second two weeks. While you are hunting for answers, you might just learn a few things about information security awareness along the way.

Alright, that’s enough welcome to CAM 2020. Head over to the Virtual Scavenger Hunt page starting Monday, October 5th to begin your quest toward winning these cool, water resistant, noise-suppressing ear buds.


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