CAM 2021 VSH Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of the CAM 2021 Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

To participate, simply find and fill in the answers to the questions below and submit the form. Your entry will be registered, you’ll get an email confirming your entry and reminding you of your answers, and you will be eligible for the first weekly drawing.

The email will explain how to advance to week 2 once the second week’s page is available, which will be at 8:00 AM on Monday, October 11th.

    OK, here are the questions for week 1 of the 2021 CAM Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

    The Berry College Office of Information Technology (OIT) encourages everyone to adopt a password manager and use it to manage all of their various accounts. Password managers enable users to use long, hard to crack, and unique passwords for every account they have. On the Cybersecurity News & Alerts site is a Quick Info page on password managers. There is a link to a flyer that lists seven different password managers. Which password manager uses a logo that looks like a deer or an antelope leaping across a shield?

    Password managers are great and the Office of Information Technology encourages everyone to use one, but what if you don't trust your passwords with anyone, even the password manager publisher? Or what if you are afraid someone will crack your master password and see all of your passwords? The Quick Info page about password managers on the Cybersecurity News and Alerts site mentions what to do if you have a trust issue, or are afraid that someone might guess your master password.  This technique is called ___________ your password. It involves adding a word to the beginning, end or middle of the password that is not stored in the password manager.

    In a previous question you were asked to identify the password manager that used a deer or antelope leaping across a shield as its logo. This is the old logo for the company and the flyer will be updated after this scavenger hunt is over. The new logo is a stylized "D". Go to the website for this company. How many passwords will the free version of this password manager store? How much does an ANNUAL "Premium" subscription for this password manager cost?

    The Cybersecurity News and Alerts site has on its main menu an entry labeled CAM (Cybersecurity Awareness Month). This is the annual October event we are celebrating with this scavenger hunt. It is observed in countries all over the world. It was renamed in 2020 due to international participation in the event. The former name was National Cyber-Security Awareness Month. What acronym was used to shorten this name?

    Featured Image: Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash

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