CAM 2022 Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the CAM 2022 Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

Once again we are conducting a virtual scavenger hunt to celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month. We’ll call it the VSH for brevity.

You’ll want to follow the clues and dig up all the answers to the questions, as we will be handing out prizes each week, four in all, and a final grand prize at the end of the month.

The weekly prizes will be awarded based on participation in the hunt during that week, and you will have to exercise patience, as each week’s questions will not be available until 8AM on the corresponding Monday. There will be helpful information in each week’s article on this site to guide you along your hunt. Articles and VSH questions will post every Monday at 8AM, starting on October 3rd and ending on October 24th. The drawing for each weekly prize will be held on Friday of each week at 4:30PM, starting on the 7th and ending on the 28th.

The drawing for the grand prize will also be held on Friday, the 28th at 4:30PM and the winner will be drawn only from those who successfully complete the scavenger hunt. We are in the process of finalizing the grand prize. There are three grand prizes we are trying to decide among. They are:

  • A 30,000mAh device charging pack with three USB-A outputs and one USB-C output, high capacity wall chargers with both USB-A and USB-C ports, and a carrying case
  • A water-proof Oontz Bluetooth speaker with case
  • A Sony Bluetooth speaker with a silicone cover/handle

If you would like to provide input on which one we should offer, email with your feedback. We will make a decision the week of October 3rd and more details will be provided after the decision is made.

All winners will be announced on Friday evenings after the drawings and prizes can be picked up or arrangements made to collect prizes on the Monday immediately after the drawing.

Good luck and click on the button below to start hunting!

Photo Credit: Photo by N. on Unsplash

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