CAM 2022 VSH Week 4

To participate, simply find and fill in the answers to the questions below and submit the form. Your entry will be registered, you’ll get an email confirming your entry and reminding you of your answers, and you will be eligible for the weekly drawing.

The email will explain how to advance to the completion page and register for the prize drawing.

    OK, here are the questions for week 4 of the 2022 CAM Virtual Scavenger Hunt! This last week of the Virtual Scavenger Hunt is all about updates. Only four more questions to answer correctly to qualify for the prize drawing!

    Updates are an essential part of owning and maintaining a computer or other tech device. If it can say "hello" across a network, it can also do bad things when it is hacked. Several years ago Microsoft started putting out updates for all of its products on a specific day of the month. Other companies have also taken up this practice. Microsoft's day to release updates is known as Patch Tuesday. According to an article on the JetPatch website ( April 14, 2020 saw enough patches released from both Microsoft and other companies to remediate a total of ___ security flaws in one day.

    KnowBe4 is a company that creates cybersecurity awareness courses and platforms to help improve user awareness of security issues. According to a blog post by Roger Grimes on the KnowBe4 site (, titled "The Three Best Things You Can Do To Improve You Computer Security", unpatched software is responsible for 20% to ____% of all computer attacks.

    A publicly known vulnerability in software and other computing resource is tracked and assigned a number known as a CVE. CVEs allow computer security and maintenance staff to discuss the vulnerabilities using a common nomenclature. What does CVE stand for?

    The number of CVEs is almost always increasing from one year to the next. This is not always the case, but according to a CSO Online ( news article from August 25th, 2022, the total number of CVEs in 2022 are on track to be __% higher than in 2021.

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