CAM 2023 VSH Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of the CAM 2023 Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

To complete the Virtual Scavenger Hunt, simply find and supply answers to the questions below and submit the form. Your entry will be registered, you’ll get an email confirming your entry and reminding you of your answers, and you will be eligible for the final week drawing.

The email will explain how to advance to the completion page where you can register for the drawing.

Good luck!

    OK, here are the questions for week 4 of the 2023 CAM Virtual Scavenger Hunt! Complete these questions successfully and you will be eligible for the drawing for the Bluetooth earbuds. Good luck!

    Most attackers prioritize targeting out of date software that has known vulnerabilities, and one of the most common types of software on computers is an internet browser. Thinking of common internet browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge) in which corner of the browser will the notification of an available update be located?

    Unpatched software is the second most common way attackers can get into networks. On the Berry College Cybersecurity News & Alerts website, according to the “CAM 2022 Week 4 – Updates” article: What percentage of successful attacks are due to unpatched software?

    It is important to keep your computer’s operating system, for example, Windows 10 or MacOS, up to date. Attackers will try to get into computers through an out-of-date operating system that has not installed the newest security patches. Microsoft and other companies have adopted a particular day of the month to distribute these patches. According to the CAM week 4 article on software updates, what day do they release new updates?

    According to the Berry College website, what year did the Martha Berry Museum open on the Oak Hill Estate?

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