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Data Privacy and “O.P.P.”

Instead of “being down with O.P.P.” as a jarring, offensive attitude and phrase, we’re going to say that “being down with O.P.P”, other people’s PRIVACY, is something to strive for. So how do we become “down with O.P.P.” in this new and much better sense?

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Welcome to Data Privacy Week 2022!

This week is Data Privacy Week, created by the same folks who support Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October of each year. This used to be just a single day in January, but the topic is growing rapidly both in criticality and scope. Every time we use the Internet, whether is via social media, shopping sites, content sites, or more important things like banking online or dealing with other financial tasks, information about us is gleaned by the sites we visit and even by sites we don’t. Limiting this information gathering is what this week is all about.

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