Welcome to the post-Valentine’s Day 2021 Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to the post-Valentine’s Day 2021 Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

In lieu of seeing all your masked happy faces in Krannert this semester, we present to you another Virtual Scavenger Hunt! This is a scavenger hunt like the one we held back in October, with some differences, which we’ll explain shortly. We’re again going to call it the VSH, for brevity’s sake.

We’re compressing the timeframe to one week, and not limiting when you can move to the next stage of the hunt. If you want to attempt to complete the hunt all in one morning, afternoon, or evening or spread it out over three or four days, it is up to you. The total time to uncover all the clues and move through the three stages is less than an hour. You’ll want to follow the clues and dig up all the answers to the questions, as we will be handing out four prizes at the end of the week, two “runner up” prizes and two grand prizes.

To be eligible for the runner up prizes, you simply have to participate in the hunt. That’s right! Simply submit your answers to the questions in the first stage of the hunt, and even if they are not correct, your name will be in the hat for the runner up prizes. To be eligible for the grand prizes, you must successfully complete the hunt.  At noon on Friday, February the 19th, four names will be drawn, two from the runner up pool of eligible participants and two from the grand prize pool of VSH completers.

The prizes are…


Good luck and click on the button below to start hunting!

This button will go active at 8:00 AM on Monday, February 15th!


Featured Image: Photo by Jason D on Unsplash

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