Emails about a “Ethical Conduct Program for Berry College Employees” is fraudulent

Some users have received an email from a non-Berry email address that purports to be from President Briggs. The email describes an “ethical conduct program” that all employees must follow, details of which is contained in the attached document. The document only contains an image and a link to a “secure online document”. The attachment doesn’t appear to contain malware, but the link directs you to a potentially malicious site.

Those with vigilant eyes would have noticed multiple issues with the email:

  1. The sender was a non-Berry account (Ann Taylor –, yet is “signed” Dr. Stephen Briggs.
  2. The email, while attempting to sound “well-voiced” actually had several grammatical errors.
  3. The email is vague and makes references to “the Policy” and “this code”, but never reveals to what document it is referring.

Please report this email using the “Report Email as Phishing” button. If you have opened the document and followed the link in the file, please contact or call the Technical Support Desk at extension 5838 and provide them with your C&T number so they can scan your machine for any issues.

If you have any questions about this fraudulent email, you may contact me at x1750 or email me. I’ll be happy to answer them.

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